rural insightTM by Pradeep Lokhande

is an online open forum where he will publish his view points on various happenings and trends in rural India. The views will be based on his experience of closely interacting with the villagers, opinion leaders, students and understanding their behavior and culture.


India’s political system will experience a significant generational shift with more educated and dynamic leaders coming into focus.


While general awareness and value of brands & affordability is on the rise; distinct needs & preferences of geographical and cultural clusters continues to be seen.


Increased strain on water will cause stress on the environment and will lead to displacement of villages and large-scale migration.


By 2020 most Indians will be literate – not implying that they may be able to converse in English or write an essay independently, but they will distinguish good from bad. We will see a different and truly ‘literate’ India.


Girls are getting educated & they will decide the future of 2 houses – their own and would be husband’s.


Irrespective of cast & religion the entire youth of this country is inspired.


By end of 2018 every adult Indian will be ‘connected’, using a smart phone.