(JUNE 2020)

The current pandemic has evoked a need for digital education. The rural schools are finding it difficult to provide online education due to the lack of digital devices

We at ruralrelations.com have been consistently engaged in various activities for rural secondary school students to empower them with the required skills to keep up with the rapidly changing world

Earlier project: Installed 28,300 used computers in 18,400 rural secondary schools
Ongoing project: Gyan-key library hanger in 5,170 rural secondary schools (benefiting 10 lakh [1 million+] rural students)

How can you help?

Support us by spreading the word,
Gift your used “working” android Mobile to rural secondary schools

  • Send a WhatsApp message on 7843015915 or mail us at yomobile@ruralrelations.com
  • We will suggest you schools to choose from to gift your Mobile
  • Pack and send your used working mobile (you can also send a new mobile) to the school at the address provided by us.
  • WhatsApp us a copy of the receipt of the couriered package
  • We will notify you once the school receives your gifted mobile
  • The mobile will be given to the neediest student of the school
  • The contact details of the student who received your mobile will be shared with you and you can get connected with the student at any time
  • You will receive communication from the student about his new learnings through the mobile if you permit

We will communicate about this activity to most of the opinion leaders in the village and it will be a talk of the village. We are answerable and accountable to ensure the authenticity of the proposed activity. Your trust in this initiative is what will take it to a higher level.

One small gift can inspire and change a rural student’s life.

About us:
ruralrelations.com helps build a relationship with rural India. We have the expertise in social and commercial activity implementation with personalized communication on a regular basis and feedback & follow-up.