Gaon-keyInvest 4 years for 60+ years

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Fit-keyHealth is wealth

  • Healthy minds dwell in healthy bodies
  • Include exercises like cycling, swimming, outdoor sports, walking-jogging-running, gym, stretching exercises, yoga, Surya Namaskar in your daily routine
  • Follow regular fitness workout regime
  • Keep Fit. Stay Alert
Initiative Particulars Tentative cost per school*
Fit-key Double bar, Single bar, Skipping ropes, Rings, Volleyball + Net. 17,000/-
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Bhraman-keyNature is our true friend, philosopher and guide

  • Do visit natural spots like hills, rivers, farms, forts, forests, reserved forests etc. near your village to enjoy nature’s serene company
  • Learn the importance of being closer to nature and make the most of every opportunity get closer. Spend all possible time in pristine, serene, green surroundings
  • Nature is the best retreat; She teaches you a lot without uttering even a word
Initiative Particulars Tentative cost per school*
Bhraman-key Visit to forts, forests, botanical gardens etc. Actuals
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Skill-keySkill development is the key to abrightfuture

  • Learning and honing skills to be an electrician, carpenter, plumber, mechanic, tailor, gardener, photographer, barber, reporter, contractor, painter or mason can secure our future
  • Select the field of your choice and convenience for skill development
  • Skilled manpower is always in high demand and it is going to increase by 100% in coming time
Initiative Particulars Tentative cost per school*
Skill-key Tie up with quality skill development institutes. Actuals
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MaD-keyMusic, Art & Dance

  • Develop a hobby like singing, playing a musical instrument or dance, drawing, painting, handicrafts etc.
  • Identify the hobby that interests you and engages you
  • A hobby makes life happier and healthier
Initiative Particulars Tentative cost per school*
MaD-key Guitar, Tabla, Harmonium, Banjo, Keyboard x 1 and Flute x 5 42,000/-

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