rural insightTM by Pradeep Lokhande

is an online open forum where he will publish his view points on various happenings and trends in rural India. The views will be based on his experience of closely interacting with the villagers, opinion leaders, students and understanding their behavior and culture.

The village of Hupri, Maharashtra is famous in the world for silver jewelry and artifacts production for centuries

with growing internet & social media adoption and usage, greater digital engagement is seen between brands and their ‘connected consumers’.

Early signs of corporations re-defining their business models and including social issues into core strategies, are being seen.

New tax laws & regulations, which will impact rural retail, are in the process of being implemented or are imminent.

A growing preference is seen amongst overburdened consumers for product/services that reduce time & effort, while delivering faster results.

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Greater adoption of branded & packaged products in Indian villages & smaller towns is helping rural markets grow at a rapid pace.

While general awareness and value of brands & affordability is on the rise; distinct needs & preferences of geographical and cultural clusters continues to be seen.

Irrespective of cast & religion the entire youth of this country is inspired.