Gyan-key library hanger for Police Stations

The police are occupied 24 hours with work. There is stress among the police. Reading is considered to be a fantastic stress buster. The Gyan-key library hanger initiative provides books on genres like Yoga, fitness, and well-being. It also consists of fiction books for entertainment. Through the Gyan-key library hanger initiative, book hangers consisting of 103-148 books were set up in police stations in Mumbai (5), Nashik (14) in Maharashtra and Hyderabad, Telangana (44). The initiative is gaining an overwhelming response.

Book distribution at Covid center in Pune

Books were distributed at Covid centers in Malshiras and Kadsidheshwar, Koregaon.

Books for Rickshaw-drivers

18,400 books on various topics were distributed to auto-rickshaw drivers in Pune through the Gyan-key library initiative in one day. Non-Resident Villagers (NRV) (8,050 books), Akshardhara book gallery (1,480 books), Patil enterprises (2,560 books), Rohan publication (1,390 books), Tej dyan foundation (4,900 books) and many others supported this activity.

International walk for books for rural India

Arham Foundation in association with Gyan-key library hanger and Books for Rural Areas of Vietnam planned an International Walk for Book for Rural India on 11th and 12th February 2020 in Camp, Pune and Saswad, Maharashtra, India respectively.The walk symbolizes the steps towards the end of illiteracy across the world.

  • Mr. Nguyen Quang Thach – Founder of Books for Rural Areas of Vietnam (Winner of UNESCO’s King Sejong Prize for Literacy in 2016 and US Library of Congress Prize for Literacy in 2017)
  • Dr. Atish Chordiya – Co-founder of Arham Foundation
  • Pradeep Lokhande – Founder of Gyan-key (read+write+speak)


International walk for Books in Saswad, Maharashtra
textVillagers participation in the International Walk for Books
International walk for Books in Pune, Maharashtra
At the residence of Marathi writer and humorist PL Deshpande
At the residence of PL Deshpande (Marathi writer and humorist)
Annabhau Sathe (Social reformer, folk poet and writer) smarak, Pune

At the residence of Pralhad Keshav Atre (Marathi writer and Orator)