Who is gramin bandhu

  • He will be your local associate in feeder village
  • Minimum 1 family member will be computer literate
  • He will have a minimum of 10/10 pakka place in the feeder village
  • He will not be dependent on your business (ROI)
  • You may draw a one-page agreement or have a loose alliance with your gramin bandhu
  • He speaks the local dialect, is aware of the ecosystem, will save travelling time & expenses as compared to an outsider

gramin bandhu’s deliverables

  • He will generate lead, promote & sell your products in his & ad-joining villages
  • Wall, shop board & shutter painting / Display of PoP in shop
  • Support in launch/ relaunch/ special drives
  • gramin bandhu will connect you to 21st centuries green & blue professionals & influencers
  • He will disseminate & collect the information (MIS) in his & ad-joining villages
  • Email us at rural@ruralrelations.com