Gyan-key Pledge

  • Reading is as important as breathing to us
  • Collecting and reading books is our passion
  • All good books are our teachers and friends
  • We are proud of the variety and richness of the literature tradition available in our mother tongue
  • We shall strive to be worthy inheritors of this rich literature tradition by savoring every book that we read
  • We shall always respect our mother tongue, teachers, seniors, and litterateur
  • We pledge to be friendly with every language
  • We will read the books on the topic of environment and we will send plant seeds to sow to our donors & other urban relatives/friends/residents (गांव का प्यार [seeds] आपके द्वार)
  • We believe that in reading, writing, and in strengthening regional languages lay human contentment


Guidelines for running YOUR Gyan-key hanger

  • On a school letterhead write a letter to YOUR Gyan-key hanger supporter and post it through the postal envelope given with it & one postcard to Pradeep Lokhande, Pune-13. Both these communications mention the Gyan-key hanger received by the school. Also, express your views about the Gyan-key hanger initiative
  • Students should be encouraged to gift books to the Gyan-key hanger on their birthdays and other important occasions in their lives
  • The students along with the postcards are expected/ should be encouraged to give viable seeds of plants to the donor
  • Initiative to make students aware of their natural environment and undertake steps to protect it
  • Two photos of the installation of YOUR Gyan-key hanger and if possible, a video clip of the opening on WhatsApp (+91 7843015915) should be sent to us. These photos and video-clip will be posted on our website and will be available for all to view. Our website address is
  • The new books that are added to YOUR Gyan-key hanger should be stamped with the Gyan-key stamp that is given along with the books
  • It is necessary for the students to write to us and the supporter on a regular basis. Else, we will assume that the school is not interested in running YOUR Gyan-key hanger initiative and we will be forced to withdraw the books and hanger.
  • The Principal & teachers at the School should motivate students to read the books

Please install YOUR Gyan-key hanger at a prominent place at the height of 6 feet and clean it on fortnightly basis with a dry cloth

read + write + speak