Gyan-key library hanger initiative

  • Gyan-key library hanger initiative is a Public Participation Program (PPP). We (rural relations) do not run it as a commercial venture, nor do we use Gyan-key as a source of income for ourselves. The entire contribution received from Gyan-key supporters (you) goes to the bookseller (Patil Enterprises). We have conceived the program and see our role as a facilitator, ensuring successful implementation and smooth & efficient operation of Gyan-key library hanger initiative. We are answerable and accountable to ensure the authenticity of the proposed activity.
  • The Gyan-key library hanger initiative provides books on 103-148 different genres (drama, music, sex, disaster management, habits, environment, hobbies, health, pollution, and constitution).
  • The following heads of costs are incurred in setting up a typical Gyan-key library hanger and your contribution is utilized in meeting these costs:
    • Cost of books to be a part of the Gyan-key library hanger initiative
    • Folder with an instruction manual
    • Postcards and envelopes (for the school and students to communicate with you and with rural relations)
    • Packaging (books need to be packed appropriately before they are handed over to the transport agency)
    • Follow up and feedback – to ensure each Gyan-key library hanger is set up smoothly. Extensive follow-up is required and in some cases, a visit is also required.
  • You can open a Gyan-key library by paying Rs.6,700/- or $85 or €67 (Minimum 148 books + hanger + folder + follow up + feedback + documentation). You can pay via Cheque or Online payment using the details below

    rural relations foundation
    ICICI Bank,
    B.T. Kawade road branch
    A/c no 345705000615
    IFSC Code ICIC0003457 (0 is zero)
  • Gyan-key library hanger is preferably installed in the name of a female and all the Gyan-key monitors are girl students.

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