Customized Activity

We enable organizations with special initiatives in terms of availability, distribution, shelving, servicing and consumer reaction to products/services. The services may include special events, mass awareness programmes and brand placement.
We create a complete village tour experience on your desktop without you having to pay a physical visit to the villages. Comprehensive videos, interviews, information and data will help you obtain the information and experience of the village without going through the tedious task of planning, travel and spending on various activities.
Customized Activity: This is information engine for rural India. rural relations have introduced India’s first subscription-based information portal. Various membership offers can be explored by writing to We act as knowledge partners for organizations/institutions/market research companies with available or collated information on the following parameters:

Distribution PromotionMedia patterns
Reach of product POP/POSTV/Radio habits of the family
Product AvailabilityInnovationAd recall
Procurement Source Recall of promotions Effectiveness of ads
Frequency of product deliveryEffectivenessOutdoor media recall
Shelf space of brandsProgram preference

With the support of village developersTM and rural talent, we enable collating qualitative information and help consumer insights
Case Study
– Sampling activity for Ariel and Camay in 13,000 villages
– Population strata between 2,000 – 10,000 in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
– Merchandising and collating market information

– Hygiene campaign across 17,000 villages in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
– Rural Secondary school contact program along with Gram Panchayat offices and key retail
outlets using merchandise hand outs or placing height charts for students


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