Rural Talent

Story of a young Indian is far better then earlier. It�s the country of billions still there is opportunity for everyone. Be it business houses, social activism or political scenario it�s the youngster who is seen as a hope for the future. In this vast scattered geography finding talent, nurturing them for performance and giving them platform to showcase their potential in there own interested area is the overall thought behind rural talent.
With the vast network & expertise, training rural youths to understand market requirements & moulding them appropriately becomes the core focus. As a model – village developer had attracted attention. So giving a thought to youth (urban & rural) to develop villages and contribute in making villages full of opportunities will be the real solution to the much known problems.
As a team of conscious youngsters we believe that talent needs to be brought forward in all the domains – be it social, business or political field for overall integrated development.
Rural Talent – Solutions in the following areas.
– To provide manpower training related to rural mindsets, rural market & rural areas.
– To provide bulk recruitment of manpower interested to work in rural areas.
– To provide creative solutions for activations.
– To provide strategic consulting for social, business and political campaigns.
– To provide rural outdoor visit for students, professionals and corporate
To nurture rural talent and provide them opportunities – support of corporates, NGO’s, individuals is most welcome.
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Select the talent required from our database of over 2100 talukas catering to over 60% of rural India: