Gyan-key library Initiative

  • Gyan-key library initiative is the world’s largest rural reading initiative.
  • This is the world’s largest  rural  reading  initiative
  • Gyan-key libraries are installed in rural secondary schools in India with the help of Non-Resident Villagers (NRV)
  • 3 Gyan-key libraries are installed every working day
  • Gyan-key libraries (Maharashtra – 3,910, Karnataka – 67, Telangana – 76, Andhra Pradesh – 49 & Rajasthan {in progress} – 148) were set up in rural secondary schools in 1,570 working days benefitting 10,00,570 (1 million+) students
  • Till date 41 programs and contests were successfully conducted for Gyan-key school students, teachers & Principals, which saw the participation of 2,38,000 rural students
  • Till date, we have received 1,93,000 postcards and donors have 1,66,000 capturing the students’ responses on books they have read. (you can see this communication in our office)
  • Till date 9,40,000 books, worth Rs.3,19,00,000/- (30 million+) have been distributed
  • This is one of the most effective ways to keep regional languages alive
  • Target – To open 94,000 Gyan-key libraries in rural secondary schools across tomorrow’s India

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villagewiKY Initiative

  • villagewiKYpresents some useful information of 85,000 villagewiKY villages (5% to 80%) on ruralrelations.com (in turn they cater to more than 4,90,000 adjoining villages)
  • Information on this platform is a result of our 22 years of relationship with villages and opinion leaders
  • The data is sent by villagers, Non-Resident Villagers (NRV)and collected by our village developers
  • Please add and rectify the information of YOUR village by Demography, Geography, Ecography, Sociography, Shops, Institutes & professionals on open rural information platform
  • Be a major driver to support digitalized Republic by 2019

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