Gyan-key initiative is working towards opening libraries in rural secondary schools. It is a unique concept – a library for the students, by the students. This initiative is one of the most effective way to keep regional languages alive.
Till date with the help of Non-Resident Villagers (NRV) 3,820 Gyan-key libraries were installed in rural secondary schools in 1,480 working days. Each library has between 150 to 190 books on various subjects. These are primary books on subjects like disaster management, time management, PT education, sex education, constitution, snakes, drama, music, civics, etc. in local languages. One Gyan-key benefits approximately 270 rural students of 4 to 8 adjoining villages. To instill a sense of ownership & belonging, students are encouraged to gift books on their birthdays, regardless of its value, for ‘their’ library.


94,000 Gyan-key libraries in rural secondary schools across tomorrow’s India