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We are rural relationship-based organization working in 85,000 key & feeder villages for over 20 years in tomorrow’s India.
At rural relations, our endeavor is to come up with newer ways of communication and increase our reach.
Currently, we provide the following services…

    • Identification of Markets

Any brand or product today has a big challenge in terms of identifying the markets which he needs to foray into, as every market behaves in a different manner and responds differently. With our expertise and understanding, we can give you the exact markets which one needs to foray into and how he needs to do it.

    • Appointment of Sales and distribution system

We don’t just help you identify the market but we also assist you in setting up the entire sales and distribution system for your brand/product. With this, you don’t lose your time in developing one for you and can focus on things where your time needs to be spent.

    • Relationship building with influencers and end users

We don’t just have a database of influencers and opinion leaders of around 85,000 key & feeder villages (which in turn caters to 4,90,000 villages), we have a relationship with them and hence we can help your brand in developing a relationship with the rural markets.

    • Perception Management

In today’s time the perception of your brand needs to be managed not only in the urban but also in rural markets. This is where we come into the picture, we with our database and existing relations can help you in managing perception for your brand/product.

    • Audit

Be it media audit or if it is to check if your product is picking up, or any other which needs to be audited, then we do it all. With our existing reach and feet on the street, we can do this for you.

    • CSR

The DNA of rural relations is to do things which will help the rural people and hence it runs various initiatives of its own for the rural areas. If you want to do any CSR activity, then you can partner with us in our existing initiatives or we can give you newer options for CSR activities which may be of interest to you.