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P & G Cultivating customer relationships – Case study in Philip Kotler’s book on Marketing Management For marketers who target a large customer base, as is the case with FMCG marketers, it is unviable for a single company to build one-to-one relationships with customers. One organization, rural relations, started the business of networking with villagers, developing direct contact with people in a large number of villages in 10 states in India. This organization provides an array of services on commercial terms, such as subscription-based information about rural markets, product sampling, franchisee identification, lead generation, customer profiling, direct mailing, recruiting and training of people from rural areas and media, public relations, and on-ground activities.Many companies in FMCG sector utilize this specialized knowledge they want to communicate directly with some of the constituencies in villages. As an example of one such activity, rural relations wrote to a large number of people in villages that act as feeder markets to other rural markets about hygiene health, and oral care. When villagers sent their queries, it provided hand-written replies to each of them. The relationships built by rural relations in these villages are leveraged by FMCG majors when they introduce new products or they are re-launch existing brands.
While undertaking such campaigns, rural relations collects feedback and provides hand-written replies to any queries, which help in strengthening the relationship further.
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