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  1. State of Agriculture in India.
  2. Farmer’s Handbook on Basic Agriculture.
  3. How technology is transforming the lives of India’s farmers.
  4. District-wise fruits cultivated.
  5. Major Crops district-wise distribution. 
  6. Conversion of agricultural produce.
  7. Agriculture warehousing.
  8. Cotton regions in India.
  9. Coffee manufacturers in India.
  10. Tea Manufacturers & Exporters in India.
  11. Spice Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers In India.
  12. Pesticide manufacturers in India.
  13. Pesticide manufacturing in Maharashtra.
  14. Seed dealers.
  15. State-wise area under sugarcane production.
  16. State-wise list of Dairy Plants.
  17. Poultry companies.
  18. State-wise forest cover.
  19. District-wise forest cover for Maharashtra.
  20. Diversification of Crops and Agricultural Income – Based on Sample Survey. 
  21. District- wise Rainfall pattern.
  22. Soil type and Suitable Crops.
  23. 25 Agriculture and Farming magazines in India.
  24. List of agriculture android apps.
  25. Milk production.
  26. AgroNxt Channel
  27. THINK BIG Channel
  28. Agri Buzz Channel
  29. Baag Bagicha Channel
  30. Agriculture India Channel
  31. Apni Kheti Channel
  32. Hello Kisaan Channel
  33. Indian Poultry Channel
  34. Poultry India Tv Channel
  35. Methods of composting: Ramji Chandrasekaran
  36. Pune: Farmer invents a waste compost machine
  37. Orchard Sprayer by Rajendra Jadhav || NIF – INDIA ||
  38. Advancement of Technology in Indian Agriculture & Its Impact | Sample Shoot | Dramantram
  39. Disruptions in Agriculture Technology in India | Ashok Gulati | TEDxMDAE
  40. Exploring Vast Farming with Small Farmers | Devi Murthy | TEDxIITKanpur
  41. Taking Inter-crop (Antarpik)
  42. Multi-crop pattern (Mishrapik sheti)
  43. Dryland farming in India
  44. Area and Production of horticulture crops.
  45. Estimate: Area and Production of Horticulture Crops – All India: 2016-17 to 2017-18.
  46. All about mangoes in India: APEDA.
  47. Mango: International profile.
  48. Top 10 Largest Mango Producing State in India 2018.
  49. Map of mango producing states in India.
  50. All about grapes in India: APEDA
  51. Grapes production profile.
  52. Map of grape producing states in India.

rural education

  1. Reading initiatives in India.
  2. NGOs working for rural education.
  3. Management colleges.
  4. Indian Council of Agriculture Research institutes list.
  5. PMKVY centers.
  6. The infrastructure of rural schools.
  7. School drop-outs. 
  8. Literacy and Education in India.
  9. Education in India.
  10. Education in rural India.
  11. Importance of Rural Education in India.
  12. Potential in Rural Indian Education.
  13. Bridging rural-urban educational divide using social technologies.
  14. The state of education in rural India.
  15. Education for children in rural India.
  16. Problems with teachers in rural areas.
  17. The Challenges of Education in Rural India.
  18. The real challenge with education in rural India.
  19. State-wise literacy rate in India.
  20. List of private and unrecognized schools: by UDISE.
  21. Online education in India by KPMG and Google.
  22. Girl Education – Short Film
  23. Issues faced by Rural India due to poor availability of Electricity at Homes, Schools & Hospitals
  24. A Glimpse into the Lives of India’s Rural Children | Isha Vidhya | Educating Rural India
  25. My New Life: Primary Education for All in India
  26. Computer/Digital Literacy in rural India
  27. Financial Literacy in rural India
  28. Adult literacy in rural India
    1. Adult education.
    2. India tops in adult illiteracy: U.N. report
    3. The Illusion Of Education: Literacy In Rural India.
    4. Adult Education and Rural Development.
    5. Literacy rate at 71% in rural India, 86% in urban: Survey
    6. Adult Education Programme for Literacy in India.
    7. Adult and Continuing Education In India: An Overview
    8. Accelerating Rural Literacy.

rural health

  1. Rural Health Issues: Jan Swasthya Sahyog.
  2. Rural Health problems in India.
  3. Rural healthcare infrastructure-2017. 
  4. Rural Health Care: Towards a Healthy Rural India
  5. Infant mortality statistics.
  6. Drought and Early Child Health in Rural India.
  7. Disadvantaged rural health.
  8. Rural profile.
  9. Health Status of Elderly Persons in Rural Area of India.
  10. Providing services to the elderly in rural India.
  11. Government Hospitals in Maharashtra.
  12. E-Hospitals.
  13. List of AYUSH Hospitals Recommended by QCI for Avurveda.
  14. Number of PHCs in India. 
  15. The next big leap in healthcare for rural India | Dr. Kanav Kahol | TEDxGateway
  16. Health Infrastructure in India’s Urban & Rural Communities
  17. Sarokaar – India’s healthcare challenges
  18. Bridging the rural health care gap | Rubayat Khan | TEDxDhaka
  19. Health Care Facilities in Rural India
  20. it’s not a solution if it’s not affordable: Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty at TEDxGateway
  21. Health Insurance in Rural India-1.
  22. Health Insurance in Rural India-2.

rural market

  1. Understand rural marketing from Mr. Ajay Adlakha
  2. The Great Indian Rural Mall: Mr. Ajay Adlakha
  3. Rural Influencers:  Mr. Ajay Adlakha
  4. Rural-Marketing Short Movie
  5. Introduction to rural marketing by Dr. Bishnoi.
  6. Rural Marketing (BSE)
  7. The rural market and development indicators.
  8. Rural Marketing in India
  9. Rural & Small Town Growth Story of India by Pradeep Kashyap
  10. Introduction to Simplifying Rural Marketing in India
  11. India’s rural market: Myth or reality
  12. Rural Marketing By Dr. U N Roy
  13. Marketing research and analysis
  14. Rural Marketing of Mass Media Campaigns – BBC Media Action
  15. Automobile market in rural India.
  16. Challenges in Indian Rural Marketing
  17. Rural is the big prize: Harish Manwani
  18. Planning the route to growth in rural markets.
  19. India’s rural consumption surges in a boost for FMCG firms: Livemint
  20. Rural FMCG growth.
  21. Rural FMCG growth bounces back: Nielsen report.
  22. Revival in the FMCG Sector.
  23. Food habit change in rural areas fuelling inflation: RBI
  24. Corporate Initiatives and Innovations in Rural Market of India.
  25. North East India: IBEF

rural tourism

  1. State-wise official tourism websites.
  2. Commissioned Rural Tourism Sites: by Ministry of Tourism.
  3. Rural Tourism Sites and their USPs: by Ministry of Tourism.
  4. Rural tourism in India: Need, Scope, and Challenges.
  5. List of Famous temples in India.
  6. Intro To The Soul Of Country: RSTV documentary 
  7. Village tourism in Sikkim.
  8. Employment potential in rural tourism.
  9. Maharashtra travel guide.
  10. Sustainable Tourism Development in Konkan, Maharashtra.
  11. North East India Tourism: Unlimited Potential.


  1. Rural India by People’s Archive of Rural India(PARI)
  2. Funding agencies.
  3. List of Pharmaceutical companies.
  4. Pharmaceutical companies contacts. 
  5. CSR projects by companies in rural India.
  6. Physical performance of rural roads.
  7. Rural household characteristics.
  8. Rural India: Indicator of Progress.
  9. International Post tariffs. 
  10. Village survey report, Odisha.
  11. Food habits of rural India.
  12. The class structure of food consumption in India.
  14. Staying healthy in rural India.
  15. Sanitation coverage in rural India under Swachh Bharat.
  16. Rural Sanitation: India WaterPortal.
  17. Rural and Urban Sanitation.
  18. Sanitation Scenario in India.